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Building blocks offer children the opportunity to develop social and emotional skills and can also help them to become active, competent members within a group. The fact that ROLKA blocks are all the same size eliminates competition for different shapes, sizes and colours. This sameness is soothing and satisfying to a child. However, each block is still unique through its grain pattern and colouring. Children also learn that it's okay to make mistakes. If the blocks fall down, they can build something else even better and this is important as a lesson in life. Block play offers an opportunity for teachers and parents to listen to and to observe children.

One of the greatest assets of the blocks is their simplicity. The simpler the toy, the greater the child's chance to elaborate and create. Using no glue, attachment or fixation point, ROLKA blocks are educational, stimulate imagination , give a sense of balance and self-mastery, develop patience, concentration and cooperation. Through ROLKA , children discover the physical laws of balance and counterbalance and geometric patterns. They realise that simple basic structures can lead to a world of infinite creative possibilities.

(All orders = $15 postage. Due to prohibitive costs, Rolka are not sold outside Australia.)

   Set of 50 blocks = $32

  Set of 100 blocks = $58

  Set of 150 blocks = $84


All sets come with a fully illustrated Ideas Booklet in an eco-friendly calico bag 

(All orders = $15 postage. Due to prohibitive costs, Rolka are not sold outside Australia.)

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  2. Send a cheque or Money Order to Rolka PO Box 439 Samford Qld 4520;
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